BIOS Monthly Interview

I had a wonderful time the other day talking about the art of pastries and the reflections on my past experiences as well as on the Taiwanese market. Many thanks to the BIOS Monthly team for such a beautiful write-up and to Escape from Paris 芙芙法式甜點 for the fantastic pastries and venue! Click on the link and read the full post.

A NOUS Paris featured Instagrammer

Starting from last week, A NOUS Paris features different Instagrammers in Paris and invite people to see the city from different perspectives. It's a great pleasure to be part of this series as A NOU Paris is always my most favorite city guide, and I never thought that one day I would be covered. Click here to read the coverage. Interview

Citizine has contacted me last October for an interesting interview and I was more than happy to work with them. In this interview I share with you my passion for pastries and my favorite spots in Paris. All the photos and texts are provided by me. Thanks very much for Citizine team's excellent editing work and for featuring me. Click here to read my story. 

CAREhER Interview (in Chinese)

I was interviewed by CAREhER almost 3 years ago when I just finished my pastry program and was doing my first internship. In this interview I shared my struggles when it came to make life decisions and how my passion has supoorted me to overcome the difficulties while switching career.  To read the interview, click here.

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