Having switched professions from marketer and sociologist, I found myself most proud of being a pâtissière. I used to write to express what I feel and what I don't want to forget, but making pastries has gradually become another way for me to tell stories in life. I've seen lots of stunning pastry works and learnt many techniques after having worked at different pastry shops and palace hotels. However, "to touch people's hearts" is the reason why I chose to be company with flour, sugar, butter, cream, and eggs rather than with computer screens, huge database, and statistic formulas. I hope that those who like my pastries would share what I care for and that I'm getting closer day by day to what brings me here. 

華文世界首位以系列專文拆解法式甜點奧祕、深度評析世界甜點趨勢的作者,並以知名 Instagrammer @applespoon身分活躍於巴黎社群媒體界。在成為甜點人之前曾是行銷人與社會學家,擁有台大商研所、荷蘭Utrecht University社會研究雙碩士學位與數年國際品牌行銷經歷,最後發現美麗的甜點比行銷與統計更能直抵人心。自「廚藝界的哈佛」Ferrandi 高等廚藝學校畢業後,歷經米其林星級廚房 Le Meurice、Saint James Paris 及其他巴黎知名甜點店的嚴格考驗。著有《巴黎甜點師Ying的私房尋味》。